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Department of Urdu From the inception of the college onwards, the Dept. of Urdu started functioning and was upgraded in 1995 with the starting of UG course. As one of the prominent languages, Urdu marked its presence felt in the history of India as the language of scholarship, the language of daily communication and elevated as the court language by many ruling dynasties of medieval India. As the living and lively language at the global level, being the language of Gazals, Urdu integrates, harmonises and soothes millions of peoples. . The relevance of Urdu language enabled many students take up employment in the Gulf. The first three ranks of the University examination come to the credit of this department. VISION OF THE DEPARTMENT Urdu is one of the prolific and creative languages of India and The Department of Urdu,Govt college Malappuram has always been active for the development and progress of Urdu as a language and literature in Kerala. The Department aims at offering highest standards in Urdu. MISSION OF THE DEPARTMENT * To inculcate positive human values through the study of Urdu literature * To create awareness our valuable and rich literary heritage * To give an insight into the unity of mankind on emotional level * To provide quality education at comparitively lower expense * To create deep commitment to society * To enable them to communicate effectively in Urdu in all situations Faculty Profile
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