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Welcome to GCM Physics !!

             The Department of Physics of Govt. College, Malappuram (affiliated to the University of Calicut) offers Undergraduate (B.Sc  Physics) and Post-Graduate (M.Sc. Physics) Programmes in Physics. The programmes comprise of theory and laboratory courses. Laboratory course is an integral part of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes because Physics is inherently an observational and experimental science. The department keeps abreast of the ongoing discussions in the academic circles, on the signifi cance of interdisciplinary approaches and research components in the Physics pedagogy of UG/PG courses. Our team in the department comprise of seven dedicated & competent teachers with impressive teaching track records and expertise in various diverse and emerging areas of Physical Sciences. They are supported by three staff in the laboratories. We are thankful to the Principal, teachers of various departments, other staff of the college and all well wishers for their continuous support and encouragement in all our endeavours.

       The course outcomes and our efforts shall entail a synthesis of a wide range of knowledge and advancing the mathematical, computational, analytical, experimental and practical skills of the students. In pursuance of the same, we have mechanisms to ensure a healthy mentor-mentee relationships which entail constructive feedbacks, proactive teaching learning exercises and more importantly, a mutual respect and appreciation of each other’s efforts and time. As such, we look forward to our students foster a deeper understanding of the natural physical processes which they learn in their courses and also the development of a variety of highly transferrable skills that are invaluable for innovation and entrepreneurship. This shall prepare the students for a diverse set of careers in general and as a researcher in particular. The department strives to provide and enrich every student with experiences and feel that explicitly supports the above ideas to pursue an active, satisfying and responsible social life.
          Our future Plan includes establishing advanced labs in the frontier areas of Pure and applied Physics and upgrading the department to a research centre to accomplish outstanding teaching learning objectives. We envision a department where all students are supported to succeed and enabled to strive for the best.