BSC Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

The department was set up in the year 1978 with the introduction of Science at Pre –degree level. The department got a fillip in the year 1999 with the starting of UG course. The discipline inculcates the spirit of enquiry, the basic technic of everything in the universe.

BSc Chemistry offered by the department has Physics and Mathematics as complementary subjects

The department has been producing very good academic results. As part of the extension activities, the department conducts soil testing,water analysis, Open House programmes etc.

UG Seats Available in the Department

Intake 32
General Seats 16
FC-BPL Seats Reserved (10%) 3
SC Seats Reserved (15%) 3
ST Seats Reserved (5%) 2
ETB Seats Reserved (8%) 2
Muslim Seats Reserved (7%) 2
H OBC Seats Reserved (3%) 1
OBX/LC Seats Reserved (1+1%) 1
Sports Quata 2
Physically Disabled (3%)
Total 32